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East Sussex is part of the historic county of Sussex, which has its roots in the ancient kingdom of the South Saxons, who established themselves there in the 5th century AD, after the departure of the Romans. Archaeological remains are plentiful, especially in the upland areas. The area's position on the coast has also meant that there were many invaders, including the Romans and later the Normans.

This historic past, married with the region’s activity, cultural, and food and wine rebirth means there is a wealth of variation for all.

There are a number of wonderful historic towns within a short drive from the peace of The Pevensey Bay Beach House.  Pevensey Village is home to Pevensey Castle began in the 4th century as one of the last and strongest of the Roman 'Saxon Shore' forts, two-thirds of whose towered walls still stand. It was the landing place of William the Conqueror's army in 1066. During the century after the Conquest a full-scale Norman castle, with a great square keep and a powerful gatehouse, was built within one corner of the fort. In the 1250s the towered bailey wall was constructed, and soon put to the test during the great siege of 1264.

Not too much further away you will find Hertsmoceux Castle has its origins in the 12th Century and was the former site of the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

Many of the towns and villages in the local area have bags of character and history, great bars and eateries and many attractions for all including local markets, shopping, historic tours, pier fun grounds, fishing charters, sporting facilities etc. 

We have had the pleasure of staying at this gorgeous beach house twice now. Once in blazing blue sunshine and once in freezing gale force winds ! Both times were so enjoyable . The house is wonderfully placed on the edge of the beach and is equipped as one would like with no sense of that “rental” experience. It is brand new, carefully planned and built to be warm bright and relaxing. We will defo be going again. PS, the beds are all high spec. and really comfortable.
— S AND R WILSON and friends, London